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Harvey J. Kaye: Maine Governor Paul LePage Reveals the Fears of the Right

One thing you have to say for Governor Paul LePage of Maine is that he’s an honest guy. Right-wing Republicans incessantly proclaim their reverence for the American past. But the Governor has made it quite clear that, contrary to their repeated claims, conservatives do not revere the nation’s history but actually fear it and believe they must act to control what people remember and know of it.

Determined to make Maine ever more inviting to business executives and their investments, LePage not only has set out — like many another Republican governors, such as Scott Walker of Wisconsin — to weaken, if not destroy, public employee unions and workers’ rights. LePage also has taken steps to “neutral[ize]” American history. He has ordered both the removal of a labor history mural from the walls of the state’s Department of Labor Building and the renaming of its conference rooms so that they no longer bear those of 1960s farm-worker leader César Chavez, 1920s labor activist Rose Schneiderman, and President Franklin Roosevelt’s Labor Secretary Frances Perkins (the first woman ever to hold a Cabinet-level appointment).


Well, the Governor of Maine has let the ‘cat’ out of the bag, but he must be talking on the grade-level of his constituents; we, the well informed, knew this to be the case along!

via Harvey J. Kaye: Maine Governor Paul LePage Reveals the Fears of the Right.