– African-American women step up in business world

African-American women step up in business world

By Jim Hopkins, USA TODAYSAN FRANCISCO — Camille Young worked at big businesses for years until she discovered an idea for her own company during a South Pacific vacation.Back in New Jersey, she started looking for the food she ate in Fiji, frequenting fresh-juice bars in Manhattan because she couldnt find any near home. “Someone really needs to open a juice bar here,” Young recalls thinking.

She quit her bank job last year to open the first of two juice bars in her BaGua Juice chain in Jersey City. She hopes the company will grow to as many as 50 locations.

Young, 34, is one of thousands of African-American women starting businesses, research shows, in a trend thats tipping the balance of economic power in the black community.

As women take entrepreneurships lead, marketers from banks to tech companies are tapping black women as a new source of revenue. “Its a huge opportunity,” says Angela Burt-Murray, editor in chief of Essence, a leading lifestyle magazine for black women.

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