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Let me tell you and the good Senator a tale from history.  I think you all might enjoy this one.

King Boabdil

Towards the end of the 15th century, on the dawn of America’s discovery by Columbus, the Moorish control of Spain had dwindled down to the city of Granada, then ruled by King Boabdil. In 1491, Ferdinand and Isabella of Castille laid siege to Granada, which Boabdil eventually surrendered. Legend has it that as Boabdil abandoned the last of Moorish Spain and went into exile, he turned for one final view of his beloved Granada. It is said that he cried upon setting his eyes upon his home for what he knew would be the last time.In one of the great reproaches of history, Boabdil’s mother savaged her son for time immemorial with these scathing words:

“Thou dost weep like a woman for what thou couldst not defend as a man.”


You think you got it like that until one day your checks start bouncing and there is no food in the refrigerator!  New York is about to find out what its like to be without an icon!

via Senator Schumer Cries for the NYSE – Bill Singer – Street Sweeper – Forbes.

Merger Could Take NYSE Out of American Control


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