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Published: December 6, 2010

WASHINGTON — President Obama announced a tentative deal with Congressional Republicans on Monday to extend the Bush-era tax cuts at all income levels for two years as part of a package that would also keep benefits flowing to the long-term unemployed, cut payroll taxes for all workers for a year and take other steps to bolster the economy.

The deal appeared to resolve the first major standoff since the midterm elections between the White House and newly empowered Republicans on Capitol Hill. But it also highlighted the strains Mr. Obama faces in his own party as he navigates between a desire to get things done and a retreat from his own positions and the principles of many liberals.

Congressional Democrats pointedly noted that they had yet to agree to any deal, even as many Republicans signaled that they would go along.

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The Republicans have effectively put the first nail in the coffin of Obama’s chances for re-election – an increase in the deficit is a death sentence in these times of international displeasure of the way America is attempting to control its debts.

In addition, we have noted the previous occasions where Republicans have agreed to support compromises by the Democrats only to vote ‘NO’ after the measure is presented for a up or down vote.  how many lessons does the President need before he will wise up?

The question is… will nine hundred billion dollars of more debt without compensating cuts in the budget be overlooked by the American voter, let alone those to whom America owes money?

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