Eliminating Earmarks Cuts No Spending

The argument all Republicans are making:

“I oppose the Senate Republican Conference voluntary moratorium on so-called “earmarks.” At a moment in which over-spending by the Federal government perpetuates annual deficits of over $1 trillion a year, the Congress is being asked to debate a Congressional earmark spending resolution which will save no money even while giving the impression that the Congress is attempting to meet the public demand to reduce spending.”

This statement has been made by so many Republicans opposed to stopping earmarks until I can recite it word for word, but does it make sense…

Republicans say that stopping earmarks will save no money – where the heck does the ‘money’ come from that you receive when you make a request for funds; the tooth fairy? What’s insane about all of this is how people are thrown an outright lie that is consumed with no forethought. If someone is telling you that it will save no money without an explanation as to how they have come to that conclusion, ask them how did you arrive at that assumption?

America has to start asking questions and checking the credibility of statements that are made with no supporting data. Don’t believe because Senator ‘So And So’ said it; you must ask the questions that will bring an understanding of what that official’s true position is on any issue!
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